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For Men

“I think I might be pregnant…”

If you recently heard these words from your girlfriend, your mind is probably spinning about what to do next.

We are here to offer you and your partner compassionate support.

How to Respond

You may have responded with confusion, anxiety, or even anger when you received this news. Your feelings are valid, and chances are your partner probably feels many of the same emotions.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you navigate the future together with your partner:

  • Confirm the pregnancy. Make sure she is really pregnant. A medical-grade pregnancy test and ultrasound can confirm this. Both of these services are available free of charge at Life Choices.

  • Stay Calm. More than anything, your partner needs you to be a calm source of stability, not stress or anxiety. Do not lash out against or assign blame to her. You need to work as a team moving forward.

  • Listen. Make sure you are hearing your partner and listening to their desires and anxieties. Do not impose your opinions or decisions on her.

  • Be Supportive. Whatever your partner is going through, if she is scared, upset, angry, or excited, make sure to offer your support and let her know she is not alone in this.

  • Find Resources. As you move together to make decisions, take advantage of as many resources as possible that can support you and your partner’s future. Life Choices is a great starting place to help understand all of your options and the resources available to you in your community.

Life Choices is Here for You

If you need any support whatsoever, whether it be emotional or material support, Life Choices is here for you. Life Choices offers free services, including free pregnancy tests, ultrasound, and STD information.

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